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filling in on KFJC 89.7 FM - for netcast

I am filling in on KFJC(all times PST)

1. this afternoon ... 2-5PM for Dominic Trix !
the Sea Hag will be doing the Pirate Hour.

The subject will be Paul Addis.
[ this did not happen - Peter Goldie, the fillin host on Dr. Hal's show, wants a better time slot for our subject, or maybe he wants a better guest :) ]

2. Friday, July 11th 7 - 10 PM for Maybelline's Girl Version
as Squirrel Version

3. Monday, July 14th 2-6 PM for Mitch Lemay's Apartment Life
I am subletting the Apartment for July.

4. Monday July 14th 6-7 PM for Thoughtline
My guest will be Deborah Grabien, author of the upcoming murder mystery series that ROCKS,
"Rock & Roll Never Forgets"

5. Monday July 21st 2-6 PM for Mitch Lemay's Apartment Life
I am subletting the Apartment for July.

6. Monday July 28th 2-6 PM for Mitch Lemay's Apartment Life
I am subletting the Apartment for July.
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Don't send me yer cute pix on yer mobile phone

As mentioned before and growled at somewhat frequently, iPhones don't have cut and paste and copy... so imagine this scenario....

Your sister sees something in Chicago that makes her almost piss herself and of course, she thinks of YOU, so she snaps a quick (and maybe not so high-res) photo of said object and xaps it to you thru the ether-web .... and then she waits.

And waits.

And then, a couple of days later, now peeved instead of positively doubled over in hysterics, asks you ever-so-sweetly (which is a bad sign, right there) if you received her photo of the "blobbity Blob Blah" ????

You look at your iPhone, and yeah, there's this weird Text Message you hadn't bothered to read cuz it comes over like a spam email at first and you weren't sure WTF it was really trying to tell you until now.... ((whoooo-hooooo! everyone wants to communicate on a 1 and a quarter inch screen all of their deepest most immediate thought, yo!) but this is how the scenario plays out:

1. first you get a TEXT MESSAGE (that you are CHARGED for )
saying you have a "multi-media message" that is available
at this url: www.viewmymessage,.com

2., for which you have to provide this user name: GLDKOCOIRJ37395 or something just as obtuse cuz honestly there are no humans here, nope not us p[please go back to trying to figure out how your bluetooth headset is sucking your brains cuz we certainly aren't using ours]
... no, not us

3. and this password: Blahblah09834blah only it's in tiny tiny little type that you can't increase the size of, and honestly like you would ever remember these numbers and letters in this configuration?
that is the idea after all.... to make it a PAIN in the ARSE!

ie: utterly useless until you are near your computer... which could be days and days... and in my case, was 4 days and then my iPhone was DEAD and there is no accessing what was sent on it ... argghhhh! Until i replaced a charger and then ... this is what I got:

The message is only good for 7 days. By then the joke is over, the kitten is a cat, and your boyfriend and you have already either broken up or gotten married and divorced or you found him wearing your underwear and you have gone shopping .... a lot can happen in a week.

Or 28 years....

Or 23 years. Ian Curtis was only 23 years old when he hung himself.
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back to Paul - NOT ARSON ... "Destruction of Property"

I need to make an important point here … Paul was NOT convicted of Arson in Nevada.

He was charged with Arson in San Francisco involving the Grace Cathedral, but after the evidence was presented, the charges were dropped to a minor possession of fireworks charge, and a misdemeanor for “altering a toy gun”… yeah… go figure.

In Nevada, Paul was charged with “Destruction of Property” in Nevada. Period.

This, unlike "Arson", is not an automatic felony. The burden of proof was put on the BMorg LLC to provide proof of the amount of damages.

The amount of the damages sets the Verdict.

There are 3 different categories for Charges of this statute in the Nevada court system.

1. under $2500 it is a misdemeanor
2. between $2500 - $5000 it is a gross misdemeanor
3. Over $5000 and it becomes a felony.

I repeat, Paul is NOT an Arsonist. Paul has never been convicted of Arson.

The two events are intertwined and have each fed negatively and erroneously into the other’s outcome. Which completely sucks for Paul - and for anyone seeking justice in a system that believes what they read in the press. I mean, they *still* don’t even have his age right, ferfucksakes!

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wtf is Freddie singing?????

Freddie Mercury
Another One Bites the Dust

Half way thru, about 1 minute 51 seconds in
he is yelling:

Take it !
Bite the Dust!

then..... ?????  at approx 1:57

i hear:

    "I'm ADOPTED!"

that can't be right

i just realized i have singing it that way for, oh ...

    nevermind.... i am old enough to have seen them live. More than once. Sigh.... that was before i even knew what Gay was. And it was staring me in the face with all it's exotic cheekbobes and buck-toothed glory :)

God they were good....

When they did Bohemian Rhapsody live, they started the song, and then 3 minutes into it, the stage went black... then a spot light came on ... to a small boom box in the center of the stage. And the Scaramouche part commenced.... from the boom box! they had  LEFT THE STAGE!
The band didn't blaze on stage until 4 minutes and 7 seconds in, with Brian May's scorching guitar licks.

But i know Freddie & John could do those vocals.
oh wait, YuBoob has everything... see for yourself...    although in this version they used the video instead of the boom box. I liked my boom box ...

this one cuts out right when the Boom Box would have been starring.

Dennis H. sent me to this nifty website,

The Archive of Misheard Lyrics:
which, while letting me know i am not the only one to hear "I'm Adopted!" does not supply a lyric that makes any sound-sense whatsoever.
They are wrong.
 He is not saying "And the dust (uh)" 
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My Signage for the Olympic Torch Rally in SF

i just did this design for the rally on Wednesday when the Torch comes thru San Francisco. [I revised them on April 8th ]

Which one do you like best?

Here's two with the Olympic Rings as cuffs only... with and without a background. Thanks to JX for the idea!

They are here for you to download and print & use.

Black EPS File

Black PDF File

Color EPS File

Color PDF File

Color Cuffs ONLY EPS File
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Chicken John on Gary Gygax

From Chicken John's Damnitlist.


Of all the people who contributed to the culture that made you who you are and championed the idea that you can do anything, be anything and do anything any way you want to however you can think it up... Gary Gygax wrote the book. Literally. He wrote the Dungeon Masters Guide, the greatest book ever written. Human nature, science, play, stats, history, geography, logistics and encumbrance... hit points, armor class, fantasy colliding with fact to make it all so real you just got swept away and actually forgot that you were a teenage idiot with no way out. Gary Gygax saved more lives than pennacillian. When I was 10, he was 39. He knew he was writing a book for 10 year olds... but never talked down to us. He was the only adult presence in my life from the time I was 10 to the time I was like 15 that didn't preach, did'nt talk down and didn't have any parameters.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons may be the butt end of the joke to some of you, but to others who understand you are taking a moment right now to remember the magic missle, the basalik and the mirror trick, White Plume Mountain, The Lich from Tomb of Horrors, Loth and the spider minions, Fonnakin Hoddypeak and astral projection.

Gary Gygax should win a Nobel Peace Prize. Either Obama or Clinton should recognize his death... and cinch the nomination. Gary had more fans than Jesus, likely. And no enemies. I am truly saddened that his life was so short, but I'm sure it was fuller than anything I can imagine. I have always wanted to meet him. Life is simply too short.