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amacker [userpic]

I am filling in on KFJC(all times PST)

1. this afternoon ... 2-5PM for Dominic Trix !
the Sea Hag will be doing the Pirate Hour.

The subject will be Paul Addis.
[ this did not happen - Peter Goldie, the fillin host on Dr. Hal's show, wants a better time slot for our subject, or maybe he wants a better guest :) ]

2. Friday, July 11th 7 - 10 PM for Maybelline's Girl Version
as Squirrel Version

3. Monday, July 14th 2-6 PM for Mitch Lemay's Apartment Life
I am subletting the Apartment for July.

4. Monday July 14th 6-7 PM for Thoughtline
My guest will be Deborah Grabien, author of the upcoming murder mystery series that ROCKS,
"Rock & Roll Never Forgets"

5. Monday July 21st 2-6 PM for Mitch Lemay's Apartment Life
I am subletting the Apartment for July.

6. Monday July 28th 2-6 PM for Mitch Lemay's Apartment Life
I am subletting the Apartment for July.

Tunez !: wait and see!
amacker [userpic]

As mentioned before and growled at somewhat frequently, iPhones don't have cut and paste and copy... so imagine this scenario....

Your sister sees something in Chicago that makes her almost piss herself and of course, she thinks of YOU, so she snaps a quick (and maybe not so high-res) photo of said object and xaps it to you thru the ether-web .... and then she waits.

And waits.

And then, a couple of days later, now peeved instead of positively doubled over in hysterics, asks you ever-so-sweetly (which is a bad sign, right there) if you received her photo of the "blobbity Blob Blah" ????

You look at your iPhone, and yeah, there's this weird Text Message you hadn't bothered to read cuz it comes over like a spam email at first and you weren't sure WTF it was really trying to tell you until now.... ((whoooo-hooooo! everyone wants to communicate on a 1 and a quarter inch screen all of their deepest most immediate thought, yo!) but this is how the scenario plays out:

1. first you get a TEXT MESSAGE (that you are CHARGED for )
saying you have a "multi-media message" that is available
at this url: www.viewmymessage,.com

2., for which you have to provide this user name: GLDKOCOIRJ37395 or something just as obtuse cuz honestly there are no humans here, nope not us p[please go back to trying to figure out how your bluetooth headset is sucking your brains cuz we certainly aren't using ours]
... no, not us

3. and this password: Blahblah09834blah only it's in tiny tiny little type that you can't increase the size of, and honestly like you would ever remember these numbers and letters in this configuration?
that is the idea after all.... to make it a PAIN in the ARSE!

ie: utterly useless until you are near your computer... which could be days and days... and in my case, was 4 days and then my iPhone was DEAD and there is no accessing what was sent on it ... argghhhh! Until i replaced a charger and then ... this is what I got:

The message is only good for 7 days. By then the joke is over, the kitten is a cat, and your boyfriend and you have already either broken up or gotten married and divorced or you found him wearing your underwear and you have gone shopping .... a lot can happen in a week.

Or 28 years....

Or 23 years. Ian Curtis was only 23 years old when he hung himself.

Tunez !: Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
amacker [userpic]


amacker [userpic]

I need to make an important point here … Paul was NOT convicted of Arson in Nevada.

He was charged with Arson in San Francisco involving the Grace Cathedral, but after the evidence was presented, the charges were dropped to a minor possession of fireworks charge, and a misdemeanor for “altering a toy gun”… yeah… go figure.

In Nevada, Paul was charged with “Destruction of Property” in Nevada. Period.

This, unlike "Arson", is not an automatic felony. The burden of proof was put on the BMorg LLC to provide proof of the amount of damages.

The amount of the damages sets the Verdict.

There are 3 different categories for Charges of this statute in the Nevada court system.

1. under $2500 it is a misdemeanor
2. between $2500 - $5000 it is a gross misdemeanor
3. Over $5000 and it becomes a felony.

I repeat, Paul is NOT an Arsonist. Paul has never been convicted of Arson.

The two events are intertwined and have each fed negatively and erroneously into the other’s outcome. Which completely sucks for Paul - and for anyone seeking justice in a system that believes what they read in the press. I mean, they *still* don’t even have his age right, ferfucksakes!

Tunez !: Queen - Tenement Funster
amacker [userpic]

Freddie Mercury
Another One Bites the Dust

Half way thru, about 1 minute 51 seconds in
he is yelling:

Take it !
Bite the Dust!

then..... ?????  at approx 1:57

i hear:

    "I'm ADOPTED!"

that can't be right

i just realized i have singing it that way for, oh ...

    nevermind.... i am old enough to have seen them live. More than once. Sigh.... that was before i even knew what Gay was. And it was staring me in the face with all it's exotic cheekbobes and buck-toothed glory :)

God they were good.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irp8CNj9qBI&feature=related

When they did Bohemian Rhapsody live, they started the song, and then 3 minutes into it, the stage went black... then a spot light came on ... to a small boom box in the center of the stage. And the Scaramouche part commenced.... from the boom box! they had  LEFT THE STAGE!
The band didn't blaze on stage until 4 minutes and 7 seconds in, with Brian May's scorching guitar licks.

But i know Freddie & John could do those vocals.
oh wait, YuBoob has everything... see for yourself...    although in this version they used the video instead of the boom box. I liked my boom box ...

this one cuts out right when the Boom Box would have been starring.

Dennis H. sent me to this nifty website,

The Archive of Misheard Lyrics:
which, while letting me know i am not the only one to hear "I'm Adopted!" does not supply a lyric that makes any sound-sense whatsoever.
They are wrong.
 He is not saying "And the dust (uh)" 

Tunez !: Queen ... lots and lots of Queen
amacker [userpic]

This is *book* trailer !!!
What a unique marketing tactic.... Deb and her husband put this together ... it rocks! well...dUH.
I am impressed.

Subject: Rock and Roll Never Forgets: Let the games begin!


Tunez !: rock and roll never forgets
amacker [userpic]

I played XTC's "Summer's Cauldron" into "Grass" . . .

Tunez !: XTC - Summer's Cauldron
amacker [userpic]

i just did this design for the rally on Wednesday when the Torch comes thru San Francisco. [I revised them on April 8th ]

Which one do you like best?

Here's two with the Olympic Rings as cuffs only... with and without a background. Thanks to JX for the idea!

They are here for you to download and print & use.

Black EPS File

Black PDF File

Color EPS File

Color PDF File

Color Cuffs ONLY EPS File

amacker [userpic]

my sister raises varmits... Sugar Gliders. Like Flying Squirrels, only cuter.


This is Stella Luna. And her Baby. Babies are called "joey" - like other marsupial young.

Tunez !: Stella Blue, by Willie Nelson
amacker [userpic]

From Chicken John's Damnitlist.


Of all the people who contributed to the culture that made you who you are and championed the idea that you can do anything, be anything and do anything any way you want to however you can think it up... Gary Gygax wrote the book. Literally. He wrote the Dungeon Masters Guide, the greatest book ever written. Human nature, science, play, stats, history, geography, logistics and encumbrance... hit points, armor class, fantasy colliding with fact to make it all so real you just got swept away and actually forgot that you were a teenage idiot with no way out. Gary Gygax saved more lives than pennacillian. When I was 10, he was 39. He knew he was writing a book for 10 year olds... but never talked down to us. He was the only adult presence in my life from the time I was 10 to the time I was like 15 that didn't preach, did'nt talk down and didn't have any parameters.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons may be the butt end of the joke to some of you, but to others who understand you are taking a moment right now to remember the magic missle, the basalik and the mirror trick, White Plume Mountain, The Lich from Tomb of Horrors, Loth and the spider minions, Fonnakin Hoddypeak and astral projection.

Gary Gygax should win a Nobel Peace Prize. Either Obama or Clinton should recognize his death... and cinch the nomination. Gary had more fans than Jesus, likely. And no enemies. I am truly saddened that his life was so short, but I'm sure it was fuller than anything I can imagine. I have always wanted to meet him. Life is simply too short.


Tunez !: Rebellion (Lies), The Arcade Fire
amacker [userpic]

WHY can't my sto0pid iPhone just add the info i want and not have to feel like just cuz i didn't stroke it's stupid iTunes iEgo it had to go and delete all my music??? grrrr.

So this is what i hate about my yes, beautiful iPhone.
(But handsome is as handsome does.) ie: In technology, as in boyfriends, it is useless unless there is something more meaningful to back it up. Word.

My iPhone will not let me forward a text message I have already typed.

It will not Copy or Paste information, like any normal text-able phone. Like my now-stolen 6-year old Motorola v%05.

My iPhone will not let me send OR receive a multimedia text message. Apparently if you do get one, it gives you a link you can visit to see the image / video? but i haven't received a multimedia message in the couple of weeks i have had this phone, so i don't know yet.

My iPhone will not capture video, although i can play video, if it is saved in the proper format by QuickTime. And that properly-formatted video is uploaded into iTunes, and synced properly with the iPhone. Which means i have to keep a copy of it on my computer, otherwise it gets erased the next time i sync and it's not present. Even Manual Sync.

My iPhone will not let me use the ringtone i own from my previous AT&T phone... Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve. You can only use a ringtone you make with a song you buy from iTunes, or via Garageband. And of all of the music i have purchased on iTunes over the past 4 or 5 years or whatever it;s been, only 7 songs i own are available to convert into ringtones. And Bittersweet Symphony is not one of them.

And now there is this new bit of sto0pidity .... i cannot enter my web passwords into Safari on the iPhone and have them saved as cookies UNLESS they are all in caps or numerals. My lower case passwords do not work. WHY? because the keyboard that presents itself within Safari for the purpose of typing in passwords does NOT DO LOWER CASE !!!! WTF???

amacker [userpic]

and was the first person to ever see Saturn and its rings thru a telescope.

"Since Galileo's discovery, we've learned much about the composition of Saturn's rings, thanks largely to the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft, which began a 4-year mission in 2004 to explore the ringed planet, its mysterious moons and its stunning ring system. However, much about Saturn's rings still remains a mystery.

As Saturn travels on its 29-year elliptical orbit around the sun, its rings change orientation, displaying both a top and bottom view. At about the halfway point during this process (every 14 years) Saturn's rings turn edge-on, and seemingly disappear for about one year.

According to the astronomical timetable, Saturn's rings are about to turn edge-on in September 2009. "

This was sent to me in an email newsletter from Starry Night Software.

"It was named after the Roman god Saturnus, equated to the Greek Kronos (the Titan father of Zeus) and the Babylonian Ninurta. Saturn's symbol represents the god's sickle (Unicode: ♄).

The planet Saturn is composed of hydrogen, with small proportions of helium and trace elements. The interior consists of a small core of rock and ice, surrounded by a thick layer of metallic hydrogen and a gaseous outer layer. The outer atmosphere is generally bland in appearance, although long-lived features can appear. Wind speeds on Saturn can reach 1,800 km/h..." from Wikipedia.

"Saturn has a prominent system of rings, consisting mostly of ice particles with a smaller amount of rocky debris and dust. Sixty known moons orbit the planet. Titan, Saturn's largest and the Solar System's second largest moon (after Ganymede), is larger than the planet Mercury and is the only moon in the Solar System to possess a significant atmosphere." from Wikipedia.

The Rotating Hexagon on Saturn

The first time I ever saw Saturn's rings was via a telescope on the Playa in 2004.

And now they think that Saturn's moon, Rhea, Also May Have Rings

I would like to see that...

amacker [userpic]

Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Wednesday, February 27, 2008 -- 11:25 AM ET

William F. Buckley Jr. Is Dead at 82

William F. Buckley Jr., who marshaled polysyllabic exuberance, famously
arched eyebrows and a refined, perspicacious mind to elevate
conservatism to the center of American political discourse, died
Wednesday at his home in Stamford, Conn.

Read More:

Tunez !: Words, Lucinda Williams
amacker [userpic]

and then this...

and this is very good Urban Legend ER:

amacker [userpic]

Next MONDAY, Feb. 25!
At the HERBST Theater downtown (SF)

Craig Venter is on a roll these days. He has revolutionized science
twice already---with the human genome project and with metagenomic
analysis of whole microbial populations. He is about to do it again
by creating a new life form with a wholly synthesized genome. His
memoir, A LIFE DECODED, is a thrilling read. He has shocking new
perspectives to report every time he speaks in public.

Last month in Germany he said, "In one milliliter of sea water,
there's a million bacteria and ten million viruses. In the air in
this room---we've been doing the air genome project---all of you just
during the course of this hour will be breathing in at least 10,000
different bacteria, and maybe 100,000 viruses.... This is the world
of biology that we live in, that we don't see, where evolution takes
place on a minute-to-minute basis.... The air that we breathe comes
from these organisms. The future of the planet rests with these
organisms. And the question is: If we take over the design of these
organisms, does that really shift the balance in any way? Or is it
such a small portion of what's out there that we'll only affect
industrial processes, not the living planet?"

"Joining 3.5 Billion Years of Microbial Invention," Craig Venter,
Herbst Theater, San Francisco, 7pm, MONDAY, February 25. The lecture
starts promptly at 7:30pm. Admission is free (a $10 donation is
always welcome, not required).

The Herbst Theater is downtown at the Civic Center on Van Ness at
McAllister (inside the War Memorial Veterans Building).

Note: There might or might not be an overflow audience at the Herbst
(seats 916). IF there is, Long Now Members (and a date) get to
exercise a membership perk. Here's how it will work:

Priority seating in the theater will be available for Long Now Members
(plus one) for this Seminar.

please arrive before the doors open at 7
bring your member card or ID so we can give you a hand stamp
when we open the doors to the theater, members (and their plus one)
will be seated first
we ask that you do not save additional seats - thank you
at approximately 7:10 we will open the theater up for general seating
- there will be no more priority seating after the theater opens up
for general seating

Also: Live via webcast

this Seminar will be broadcast live via webcast during the event - we
can support up to 1,000 simultaneous users
go to www.longnow.org to access the webcast
this is a Windows media stream, if you are a Mac user, you can
download Flip4Mac through the link on our website to view the talk
you might want to have your media players installed and updated before
the streaming event begins

Long Now Membership costs $8/month ($96/year) and helps support the

Talks coming up:

Apr. 25 (Friday) - Niall Ferguson & Peter Schwartz, "Historian vs.
Futurist on Human Progress"
May 21 (WEDNESDAY) - Iqbal Quadir, "Technology Empowers the Poorest"
Jul. 23 (WEDNESDAY) - Edward Burtynsky, "The 10,000-year Gallery"
Sep. 12 (Friday) - Peter Diamandis, "Long-term X-Prizes"
Dec. 19 (Friday) - Rick Prelinger, "Lost Landscapes of San Francisco"

Gene Hackman by Robyn Hitchcock
I'll have a warm bath
I'll have a bottle of wine
I'll put myself to bed
And I'll feel just fine
But don't talk to me about Gene Hackman

He's got an evil grin
He's got curly hair
And every time he smiles
It means trouble somewhere
So don't talk to me about Gene Hackman

He's in every film
Sometimes wearing a towel
And if it isn't him
You get Andie MacDowell
So don't talk to me about Gene Hackman

Don't talk to me at all
Don't say hello
You could be Gene himself for all I know

In Unforgiven
He was totally mean
But when he got his
I really felt for Gene
But don't talk to me about Gene Hackman

I'll have a cold shower
I'll have a bottle of pop
I'll get a dog named Laszlo
From a Laszlo shop
But don't talk to me about
Gene Hackman)

Tunez !: Gene Hackman, by Robyn Hitchcock
amacker [userpic]

amacker [userpic]

The San Francisco version is as follows:

Powell and Market
February 23rd @ 3:15 PM

Every time you hear "the sound" freeze in place, hear the sound again resume walking, hear the sound again freeze in place, resume walking...and on and on...

Email with any questions and for a head count at



on feburary 23rd, there will be a simultaneous nationwide 'freeze'

vordo sent this - he is involved in the LA flash mob.

amacker [userpic]

Tunez !: Lies, The Thompson Twins
amacker [userpic]

We are now at #4 You need to start at #1 if you haven't already... the story builds ... ummm ... or maybe decays is the better word? :)





amacker [userpic]

The IRS just hung up on me - INTENTIONALLY - after i was on hold for 31 minutes ....My phone bleeped it's Low Battery warning twice before she answered.

"Hello, blah blah blah IRS bullshit blah My number is 842003. How can I help you ?" My phone bleeped again.

"I've been on hold for over 30 minutes and now my phone is about to die from a low battery."

"You need to call back from a landline. A cell phone is not an appropriate means of communication ..."

"Lady ..."

"There is no need to be rude," she bristled.

"Uh, you just told me your "name" was 842003. Do I call you that instead of

"You need to ..."

"It's not a cell phone. It's my landline. It's a handheld cordless phone and the battery is now dying. I just want to ask you quickly ..."

"Do you want to talk to me, or not, because I am hanging up."


amacker [userpic]

Jesca Hoop's debut album "Kismet" is the work of an old soul in a child's voice. Her sweet, clear, full-lipped delivery of exquisitely crafted songs and additive tune, exquisitely produced.

"Summertime" kicks off the album with the sound of crows flying over a field, and the sudden choral splendor of Jesca's overdubbed voice playing with melody and harmony and frolicking around joyously...a happy go-lucky roll in the hay.
On "Seeds of Wonder" a spell is cast, calling us all to the well of her source. You can imagine Tom Waits playing percussion. And small wonder, as Jesca was nanny to Tom's kids err the album evovled. "Enemy", the third track evokes the simple classic beauty of Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" with studio woven harmonies and a bass that filled the car's interior with a comforting vibration. It's first word, "beautiful" is as fresh and surprising as her pure talent when coupled with the song's title. The 4th song, "Silverscreen" has a carney flavor, a baby talk charm, a child's clear-eyed wisdom. Track #5 undulates a serpent-seductive song about the dangers of a love affair with "Money, " which can "make you change your sound." The sixth track, "Dreams In The Hollow" is a nursery rhyme with French rounds.The seventh track, an ode to Katrina, called simply "Love Is All We Have" is a love song to the survivors.
#8 is a girly-pop tune from the POV of a girl being born "can i borrow your skin, blushin', to get lucky in. Pretty lucky with a special friend. Well I hear on planet Earth it's a sin. Well all the more fun to get lucky in." "Havoc in Heaven" casts a spell in colours and now the deep, droning bass takes on a more haunting, almost ominous tone. Ten is a boogie, and takes us "Out the Back Door."And the last song is a love song to love itself with an antique piano and strings arrangement that evokes Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. And the necessity of being open to love no matter what has happened.

"Jesca Hoop's music is like a four sided coin. She is an old soul, like a black pearl, a good witch or a red moon. Her music is like going swimming in a lake at night."
— Tom Waits


Tunez !: jesca hoop, Kismet
amacker [userpic]

i will be deejaying for 2 benefits this weekend - spinning (ambient / chill) for both the Flaming Lotus Girls tonight
and SRL's Todd Blair BLUE & GREEN BALL on Saturday night !!

The Blue + Green theme come from Todd - they are his favorite colours.

Friday just the first hour from 7-8 PM
and Saturday all night in the back room
so come say HI!




Then tomorrow, it's the ballsout over-the-top iNSANELy craetive

a benefit for our beloved Todd Blair.

look at the bar that Jon Seraugaute is building !!!!

so the following is the line-up but it also includes ME!
(yes, ME ferfucksakes, cuz what is a deejay after all except a life support system for an EGO and my EGO is not DEAD YET!!)

New acts have been added, unusual collaborations are
in the works, menu for food is looking delicious,
plenty of booze is on the way, and of course, tons of
fantastic things to purchase have been piling up like
it's Christmas. And by popular demand, donation for
entry is now only $10!

It's gonna be fun, and we can't wait to see you there.

Here are the full details:

Saturday, December 1, 2007
8:00 PM - 1:00 AM

SomArts Cultural Center
934 Brannan
San Francisco, California 94103

A decadent party benefitting Todd Blair who suffered
severe head injury after the last SRL show in
Amsterdam. He has a long road of medical bills, living
and rehab expenses. Todd's SRL, CCA, and
other communities join forces presenting an evening of
entertainment,bazaar, silent and live auction of fine
art, kinetic sculpture, and talented people with
coveted skills.

Cash bar + Food from Foodhacker Marc Powell and Crew
Hot dogs steamed by Neverwas Steam Car!

Art auction with pieces from: Stelarc, SRL, Lynn
Hershman, Eduardo
Kac, and more! One of the SRL Sneaky Soldiers is up
for auction!

Collectibles + Services for sale/auction:
Make: magazine collectors' set
Neverwas Steam Car at your next party
Sewing Coaching from Melanie Miguel
Welding class from Kal Spelletich
Custom sign making from Korntee
and more...

Holiday Shopping Craft and Electronics Bazaar

Entertainment includes:
DJ Vordo + Joan Jeanrenaud
Gibson Pearl Belly Dancers with Kristen and Kyrsten
Mate, and Janice Solimeno and her Sol Studio Student
Extra Action Marching Band
Modern chamber music quartet
Moe! Staiano- dada percussionist
(formally of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum)
Flaming Lotus Girls
Art Bars from the makers of Alpha Fox

See the website for more details and updates:


Tunez !: ambient chill
amacker [userpic]

Dozens of wildfires, spurred by up to 70 mph winds have ravaged San Diego County, San Bernardino County, and Malibu. At least 384 square miles have burned. Over 350,000 homes - 346,000 in San Diego Co. alone - and hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated. Now, 373,000 acres, or 583 square miles, are ablaze.

Charli and her 2 daughters, and their Amazon parrot, Sunshine, are safe in a friend's house in Oceanside. We were texting bsck and forth last night - that thing you do with the phone when you ain't talkin' (or that thing Charli does with her phone even when she's in the car with you carrying on a conversation) .... ummmm .... talent.

I can't imagine what this is like for her, and for the thousands of others. 16 out of the 45 injured are firemen. Goddess save them all.


NASA photo <http://news.yahoo.com/photo/071023/ids_photos_ts/r2392721967.jpg>http://news.yahoo.com/photo/071023/ids_photos_ts/r2392721967.jpg

Tunez !: Burnin' Down the House by The Talking Heads
amacker [userpic]

everything reminds me of being in love. everything says it will never happen again.

thank god i know better . . . i just wish my heart did

running away is not an option ... i've checked everything and even Priceline scoffed at my bid. Becky DID give me a very generous offer of frequent flier miles, but i can't. She is tooooo sweet and i should face this down and get over it, instead of dragging my sorry ass to Austin to mope. Baaaahhh!

Tunez !: Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales
amacker [userpic]

Charli just phoned to say she has been evacuated but she's OK.

A Gilroy woman just found a mountain lion cub in her backyard. I'm jealous. I would have kept it. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/object/article?o=0&f=/c/a/2007/10/21/BA2GSTVRO.DTL

My suspicions about Benji were correct. He thinks getting together before his trip was sending me the wrong message. He doesn't want a relationship. He doesn't want to hurt me. But he does want to be my friend. Funny, he's said this before. We have gone here before. We had a pretty sweet deal before i went to Italy last year. I was just not as fragile as I am now.

We watched An American Astronaut last night... a short film made by Cory McAbee of The Billy Nayer Show, a San Francisco bamd...http://sundance.gsm.org/directors/cory_mcabee.html
It's a great film. It is a great duet with Repo Man.

I have physical therapy today. I feel like there's no point. He doesn't love me. But I know that's stupid and defeatist. And not what i have worked out before with this man and this situation. I just need to get there again. This... this is going to be hard.

Or i can Run AWAY !!!!

Katy called to say I should come to Austin to be with people who love me. I can't afford to go... i would love to be at Dino Lee's 20th reunion ... the band i was in back in the 80s. And of course Katy and the Mousetrap is there.... Mark's life size Rube Goldberg mousetrap.

I am seeing Roky Erickson on Halloween at the Great American Music Hall. http://www.musichallsf.com/artist_pages/roky_erickson_noise_pop_030107.htm

this is funny.

"Pool Boy is just like a Picasso ... he looks fabulous but you have no idea what he's trying to say." - Mad TV Dixie and the Pool Boy sketch.

amacker [userpic]

This cockatoo boogies!

Tunez !: Everybody Rock Your Body by Snowball & the Backstreet Boys
amacker [userpic]

vertigo is vertigone ... no answers as to why ... after 3 + weeks of spinning, it stopped. It stopped either before or after i spent Saturday walking for HOURS at Chris Radcliffe's Red Dress Parade - Day 2 of his Bachelor Party Weekend. It was fabulous. I walked, and walked, and i even climbed ladders to get atop the Oakland Tribune Tower roof !
pix: http://www.bitchwick.com/amacker/radcliffe

Then Sunday - surprise - i couldn't move. I laid on the couch all day with a grin on my face.

Another question without answers...Benji.
Benji came home on Friday - a day late. I was sooooo excited to see him again after 5 weeks ... or a year. Whichever. I picked him up from the airport and had to take him up to Chris's dinner - a swank affair at California Culinary Academy's restaurant. Then we folowed Chris and John Law to Ace Junkyard before going home so he could get some sleep. And yep, he went to sleep - jetlagged and not even a bit snuggly. And it was cold for the first time. Autumn.

I tore off Saturday AM to make Chris breakfast before the Red Dress Parade, and i haven't seen Benji since.

Maybe he has a girlfriend in Slovenia. I know he wants to move there. Anyway, he's not very interested in me, apparently. Was he ever? Just enough to keep me from enjoying someone who really wants me. Sigh . . .

I haven't been depressed since my wreck, until now. But i am dealing with it pretty well. It's my fault for getting my hopes up. I should have known better.

OKay... stay busy and focus on things that make me happy or feel positive.

I started physical therapy at Stanford yesterday - i have sessions 3 times a week, and next week one of those will include the famed Stanford Hand Therapy Clinic, for creepy little hand.

I was just asked to deejay in Second Life for a Halloween Carnival - if you ride *any* of the rides, you DIE. Cool!

They have some amazing giveaways and a treasure hunt all this weekend. I think i will submerge myself in this until Halloween. For which i have tickets to see Roky Erickson at Great American Music Hall ! THAT will be incredible!

I was singing Roky's "Two Headed Dog" for a week when i was bitten by a dog in December of 1992.

Tunez !: Two-Headed Dog by Roky Erickson
amacker [userpic]

Karen Marcelo posted to the SRL list titled:
Damn. We Are Family!

Indeed... an extended Family of awesome folks who wanted to help Todd Blair - and in one evening raised a lot of money to go towards what will certainly be heavy medical bills. Success! SRL plans to hold another benefit in December to a wider audience to continue the effort.

It was a moving, emotional evening, with scintillating speakers peppered with auctions of wonderful and weird objects, services, and memorabilia.

Mark Pauline's speech was fantastic. While ostensibly discussing the Robodock show, he was weaving the story of Todd's 17 year history with SRL. And the fact that Todd "has touched all of my tools" did not go unnoticed :)

Scott Beale took some great photos.

Tunez !: oh come on, what's in your head after that post?
amacker [userpic]

>How did that go? Do they have any idea what's causing your, dammit,
>what's that word? Hitchcock directed a movie with that as a title.

Vertigo. They took 5 x-rays of my neck just now. They want to be sure but they don't think it's related to the hardware in my neck pushing on my skull, or, my other brilliant idea when i was in Wales, the Meningitis shot. That would be inner ear they say. But my ears look fine.

Weeee ... more x-rays!

i get the follow up tomorrow.

amacker [userpic]

After the SRL show in Amsterdam that i flew over for, Todd Blair, show producer, Mark Paulie doppleganger and overall superDude!, was knocked to the ground and suffered a catastrophic head injury. He underwent emergency brain surgery and has been in an induced coma.

Todd has just come out of a coma - is still battling fever and bacterial infections in the hospital in Amsterdam, and while prognosis is much better than it was, we are all both hopeful and worried. Brain injuries suck.

The extent of his injuries will not be known until he wakes up, but Todd's family and friends at his bedside remain optimistic. To stay up-to-date on Todd's condition, or support him with a donation, please visit:

The event takes place at Kyle Minor Design Studio on Pier 33 in San Francisco and starts at 7:30pm. All proceeds from the event will go to Todd’s recovery fund.


It’s dorkbot time again. However, this is a very special dorkbot where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to support our friend and long-time dorkbot supporter, Todd Blair. Todd a 15+ year veteran of SRL as well as collaborator with Tim North, Chico McMurtrie, Lynn Hershman, and countless other visionaries, suffered serious head trauma in an unfortunate accident in Amsterdam after the recent SRL performance there for Robodock. He remains in a coma and his injuries are severe.

Due to the generous donations of Kyle Minor, Eric Paulos, dorkbotSF, many SRL members, and our speakers, we are able to pass on all of the proceeds from this dorkbot to the family of Todd Blair for his recovery efforts which are expected to be quite substantial.

Please join us in celebrating Todd’s recovery in this special dorkbotSF event.

Oct 10 2007 Wednesday 7:30pm

Kyle Minor Design Studio
Pier 33
Embarcadero @ Bay


Ken Goldberg - Robots As Environmentalists: Searching for the Ivory
Billed Woodpecker using Robotic Observatories for Natural Environments

Eric Paulos - Citizen Science


Steven Lassovszky - Airplane GPS/Telemetry

Joe Grand

Mark Pauline

AUCTION with auction master Johannes Grenzfurthner of monochrom
(list of auction items to be posted on the dorkbot site soon)


Catering by Marc Powell


DONATION: $10 or more if you can


Zap Viewing 90 - 120 Zoooom