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amacker [userpic]
Dear IMAX ...

Dear IMAX,

is your Marketing Team a collective Moron? You've wasted 20 minutes of my time showing me ads for IMAX - *while i'm sitting in the frakin' IMAX theatre!* are you completely daft? Also, your ads are an unmitigated and thrill-less waste of space on your oh-so-awesome screen.

Sell the space for someone who has an actual marketing department, or show more trailers ... WITHOUT the stupid and unnecessary disclaimer that this trailer is "Not in IMAX and NOT part of the IMAX experience.;" Who cares???

ps. Your start up for IMAX sound has NOTHING on THX.. I have felt at times that the THX sound startup is better than some movies I have seen.

pps. Oh... and fire your marketing department.
(My contact is amacker@gmail.com 10 years as a marketing professional, and willing to take your money - and of course spend it on a much more advantageous marketing strategy.