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amacker [userpic]
Flick & Thrak

I started riding in 1983

Thrak is my 2nd Triumph Thunderbird Sport. The first, Flick, was a 98 - one of the rare 800 yellow ones brought into this country. I LOVED that bike.... when i woke up from a month-long coma after totaling myself and the bike (run off the road by a drunk driver) I was reportedly asking about my kitteh and my bike. And sobbing when i realized Flick was gone.

In May I bought Frak, (my 7th bike) a 99 ... red (bleah) and i will paint him yellow when i can scrounge $500. I have no idea what they did to the engine, there is no difference in the Triumph Tbird Sport 900cc engine from 89 - 99 (and it is the same engine as the Speed Triple) but it's so fast i have to make sure my pants have some sort of traction ! The test ride was the first time in two years I'd been on a bike again. It's bliss. But i dropped it at a standstill and broke the right footpeg, and the mirrors it came with - clip ons, SUCK so i am trying to find another left mirror. CA BMW Triumph gave me a free right mirror. And a left that doesn't fit - yet. And when switching the nifty but oh-so-Ducati single seat back to the café racer double seat, i left a couple of brackets off and need screws to put it back on (that didn't come with). that's all - it runs! i have bored out one of the footpegs from my 2nd Honda for temporary function. And then the rear lights went out and i am hopeless at electrical. For now.

I do all the work on Bike #2. Even dropped the engine from Mercy, 2nd Honda which is now just parts, into Justice (below) in 2004 by myself. Using a shop manual written in Japanese, badly translated and meant to be a reminder for mechanics who have already done it. And built with chopsticks - so i'm lucky i have small fingers ... heh

Bike #2 is my 3rd Honda Nighthawk S 700 shaft drive. This one is now an Art Bike...
Justice... a flame-throwing motorcycle dragon

she does tricks....

Motorcycles ... they're in your blood, or they aren't

Where am i ?: beanflower house
Tunez !: Motorcycle Drive By, Third Eye Blind
Trying to get my bloodstream to carry the motorcycle

Still having a hard time getting the hang of riding the damn thing, though. Broke the clutch handle today when I dropped it for the second time in five minutes. :/ Wish me luck.