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amacker [userpic]
eyelid stitches out and yesterday's stable drama

I didn't ride today - had stitches out of my eyelid this AM and didn't wake up from my "nap" afterwards til about now.

Yesterday, it was grey and windyt. Chrizz was really, um, "charismatic". He was scared of the trees.First time I've seen that. We rode for an hour, but he never calmed down really. I left the chin strap undone, as i put my martingale there, and his halter on the gate. My last bit of grooming and putting things away were interrupted by some loud banging, crashing, and the stampede and screaming of all the horses in the large pen.

I looked over the fence of the pen and by the trailer underneath the overhang, right near Chrizz's stall, a chestnut mare was down, on the concrete, with both back legs trapped in TWO partial fences surrounding the trailer. I can only figure she slid on the wet, poopy concrete, and slip into the fence. Every time she thrashed to get free, the horses (now all over the whole stable) started screaming and that frightened her more.

As soon as i touched her, she got off her front shoulder and lay down, flopping her head right on the ground. I petted her, gave her an apple treat, which she accepted. and then tried to figure out how to get her back legs untangled without getting kicked to shit.

I could get her top leg out but to get her bottom leg out safely, i needed to roll her onto her back. Get this - i had both legs in the air, and she wouldn't pick her forelegs up and finished the roll.
The kid who owns the Clydesdale came over to help, but was too scared to do anything. But freak her out more. So she kicked herself free and hurt her legs.

Anyway, didn't put Chrizz up properly. And didn';t ride today.

Oh yeah - and i lost my camera between the beach and the chestnut in trauma.

Drama drama drama.... sigh.