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Cory McAbee + The Billy Nayer Show = NEW MOVIE

Cory McAbee, lead singer of The Bill Nayer Show is coming out with a new film: STINGRAY SAM!

The American Astronaut, a quirky, beautiful, surreal space cowboy tale starring McAbee, shot in black and white, and featuring music by The Billy Nayer Show.This low-budget brilliance is one of my favorite underground movies.

The new film, STINGRAY SAM will be delivered to fit "screens of all sizes." In other words, they are planning a release in theaters, as well as DVD, digital and mobile. Soon. Here's another trailer:

Here's more:
Their blog can be found at http://thesmalleststar.blogspot.com

For recent reviews:
Having never seen Cory McAbee’s previous film “American Astronaut” I had no clue what to expect from his latest sci-fi non-epic “Stingray Sam”. So as I waited for the venue to open its doors, I checked out the scores so far for the Silver Scream Award, which is the Imagine Film Festival’s yearly award based on audience ratings. Guess what: “Let The Right One In” dominated the chart as expected. But to my surprise “Stingray Sam” was in second place with almost the same score!
This made me very curious to say the least, as on paper this title didn’t look like an audience pleaser.

For “Stingray Sam” is mostly shot in black & white and on a below-low budget. It’s also allegedly meant to be seen on mobile phones as a series of six ten-minute episodes, and its director Cory McAbee even gave a masterclass during the festival on how to make mobile phone movies. It also features (gasp) songs.

The version of “Stingray Sam” shown at the Imagine Film Festival had a razorsharp image and good sound, but still… this was the movie that had a good chance of dislodging Alfredson’s much-heralded vampire movie from its first place?!? In fact, it DID reach first spot (albeit for a single day only).

Now that the festival has ended, “Stingray Sam” ended in second place with an audience rating of 8.8 out of 10 which is freaking high. The reason for its success is quite simple: despite (or maybe because of) its humble origins, Cory McAbee’s film is almost insanely entertaining. When you see the audience clapping and singing along with the opening credits (which are replayed in front of every single episode) you know there is something special going on…

Space Cowboys! Bikini-clad Nightclub Dancers! Male Pregnancy Doctors!

Who is Stingray Sam you ask? Stingray Sam is a stand up guy. Actually, he’s THE stand up guy. A lover of justice with a loyalty to his profession as entertainer, Stingray Sam (played by McAbee [musician/ writer/ actor/ provocateur]) is the man you want on your side. If you’re lucky he might even write a song about ya.

But, Stingray Sam is not just a person. Lest I forget, Stingray Sam is also a film. And, as a film, STINGRAY SAM bares a close resemblance to the man. It’s cool. It’s committed to its style. It’s self-aware without being self-assured. It’s a film you want to bring your new love interest too, because it’ll show him or her that you feel comfortable having your postmodernism smothered in hilariousness. It’ll prove to this new love in your life that not only can the avant-garde disturb filmic conventions, but also be kind-hearted and sweet, subversive yet caring and generous. This is not, however, some Ice Storm or Squid and the Whale coming-of-age whinery (though I did enjoy those movies, just not the seemingly infinite rip-offs), this is the wild galactic frickin’ West. Bring your gun. Bring your dancin’ boots.

Stingray Sam (Cory McAbee, 2009)
Cory McAbee met and exceeded the high hopes I had for this new outing. Set in the same universe as his American Astronaut, McAbee plays the titular character, a lounge singer on Mars enlisted by his former partner in crime, Quasar Kid (Billy Nayer Show bandmate Crugie) to save a little girl (Willa Vy McAbee) from the clutches of the first male birth, Fredward (Joshua Taylor). Comprised of six smaller chapters, Stingray Sam is a modern serial with each section being a self-contained unit with a cliffhanger ending... and a snappy song!

Stingray Sam is yet another brilliant effort from McAbee. The only bad thing is that the soundtrack and DVD aren't yet available. I can't wait to see this movie and hear these songs again! In the meantime, the opening track, "Mars", can be heard on the Goodbye California EP.

Tunez !: Hey Boy, Hey Boy, by The Billy Nayer Show