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amacker [userpic]
food drama

I feel like a bitch.. i mean i am grateful but why is it when she does me favors are they always just "off"?

I am recovering from a rager of a night last night with Don, and she asks me to take her to work, but can see i feel like shit. So she offers me dinner from her restaurant. She called ahead to ask them to make me dinner before we got there. She asked me what I wanted, I said anything ... oh, and CHEEZ!!!

All i could think was the pecorino that i love so much. She has brought it home twice for me. Once she ate it all before i could get to it, and the second time I horded it for days, savoring it's peppery, granulated ripeness. God I love that cheese. I've begged for it for almost a year. So I knew she knew which cheese i was requesting.

She got off the phone before we got into the car and said they had chicken and pasta. Yumm! I thought. She went inside and returned, handing me two white to-go boxes and the chef himself brought out an entire wheel of cheese. It was the Petit' Basque that *she* likes. Nothing like the pecorino.

I opened the boxes at home. There was a very good pasta bolognese, and... salad. No chicken. Sigh. It's not like I need to eat any more! But ... oh well.

Tunez !: Mexican God by Robyn Hitchcock