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amacker [userpic]
WATCHMEN - no plot spoilers

Friday, March 6, 2009

I saw the pre-screening of Watchmen tonight at the Metreon in SF with my FairyGoddessNephew, Danny.

It's either one of the BEST movies you have ever seen (with some of the worst bits- including a sex scene that was so awful, screaming "You're Doing It Wrong!" just wouldn't have sufficed. Please dear god don't let the fanboyz think this is an example of how to get it on? they have enough problems) or one of the WORST movies you;ve ever seen (with some of the *best* bits.) The music is the same - one minute it's perfect and the next you are cringing.

I *love* Jeffrey Dean Morgan... so fraking hot in Grey's Anatomy and a true tragedy when they killed him off.
"Comedian" in real life

Then there's the guy who plays Rorschach...

He reminds me of a cross between Clint Eastwood and Seth Green with the voice of Tom Waits. Intriguing, n'est ce pas?

And he looks NOTHING like his Watchman character in real life.

"Rorschach" in real life

The flick is very dark and very gory...surprising hardcore comic fanatics and horror film fans alike. But it's done beautifully. And yo, the Foley team need Oscars.

The One Question everyone asks is: How Does It Compare to the Graphic Novel?

Answer: they are pretty much the SAME. Some of the scenes in the movie are peeled directly out of Dave Gibbons' illustrations. The Characters look identical to Gibbons' depictions. The dialog is as far as I remember, the same. Which is to say somewhat stilted for a movie at points. But the special effects are of course not just a splash of color in a few frames... oh no.

And that's all i'm sayin'


Ina Roy-Faderman at 3:53am March 6
sounds like it'll be Interesting. gotta find a babysitter.

Rain Graves at 8:57am March 6
But the real question is...was I LOVE YOU, MAN better? I love you jobin!

Debbie Rich at 10:14am March 6
Amacker, great review, thanks! Gonna wait until the crowds are over to see the flick. I own the original comics from my dad's collection and the story is AWESOME. Hoping this becomes a cult classic and the comix make me rich in 20 years. ;)

Scott LaMorte at 12:07pm March 6
Damn i just rolled through SF, too. Would have loved to join you! Well I'm hoping to get with a crew in the Bay Area while I am here, and go see it.

Chris Taylor at 12:08pm March 6
the sex scene was indeed the worst I've seen since Highlander (and do we really need the song they played over it in one more movie? What's wrong with the Billie Holiday track that got them hot in the book? Grumble, grumble ...)

Richard Von Busack at 3:51pm March 6
It's how superheros have at it! (And the way they do it in the 1940s is even worse!) These guys need a safe word.

Amacker Bullwinkle at 4:22pm March 6
Jobin Graves I, gotta say, I Love You Man was a lot easier to like. And before you ask, Watchmen wasn't half bad with 3D glasses on!
RVB - Zack Snyder needs the Safe Word! His sex scene is one of the points where it is far more graphic without actually being sexy or interesting (quite a feat) - and was not like the Graphic Novel which just inferred that that had happened. Moore and Gibbon were far more interested in the accuracy of Dr. Manhattan's genitalia. heh

Amacker Bullwinkle at 4:23pm March 6
Oh yeah. one of my favorite visuals is how the blood gets on the smiley face to begin with... gorgeous.

Tunez !: nothing as bad as the Watchmen soundtrack