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amacker [userpic]
yes I am grateful

Rob Brezney's horroscope for me, this week:

Don't tell me you have nothing to be thankful for, Aries. Your parents could have named you "Hooligan" or "Lightsaber" or "Flu," and they didn't. There are no photos floating around the Internet that show you riding a pig in the nude. No one has ever broken up with you via text message. Now please keep going in the direction I've pointed you. Count your blessings up to at least 101. Create an ongoing list of all the things in your life that work pretty well and make you feel at home in the world. Why do this now? Because it's Massive Explosions of Gratitude Week for you -- a time when you can attract even more good fortune into your life by aggressively identifying the good fortune you already enjoy.

Tunez !: Un americaine a Paris by Rupa and the April Fishes

WTF is wrong with Hooligan?
:) Hey, I'm coming to town in 7 days. MUST SEE YOU!
- Hooligal

Re: Hey!

actually NOTHING is wrong with Hooligan... that's just Brezney :)
will you be here for the 7th?
i wanna see Coraline... with YOU... in 3D at Metreon
and they have the Art of Coraline exhibit at Cartoon Art Museum 3 doors away... wannna????