amacker (amacker) wrote,

Baja ... Ensenada

I am typing this from the MacDonald's parking lot in the mega strip mall in
Ensenada, on my way down to my house in Punta Cabras. Even the Mexican Micky D's have free WiFi !

Baja Highway 1 has changed DRAMATICALLY since I was here 2 years ago. Skyscrapers everywhere along the coast! Are they feeling a financial boom while everywhere else is bust?

I am here in Spencer, my Van, which Jesse, Charli's brother got running yesterday!! YEY! We drove down to LA, met Lee (from Bali) and Patricia for dinner and then sw00ped down to pick up Charli and her 3 kids in San Diego. Well, stumbled, stopped, and waited for them all to pack (at midnight) cuz they've only known about this for 2 weeks and had done nothing to get ready.

But now we are all here, and they are all crashed out in the van and i am scarfing down some tasteless grease ball and washing it down with Diet Dr. Pepper and 5 Hour Energy ... or rather the last hour of the bottle. I have this theory that if the whole bottle lasts 5 hours, you can also just sip 2 hours of energy...or whatever.

We've been waiting an hour for the Home Despot to open (it just did!) so I can buy some things to build a secure battery housing for the solar power cells... which do not actually live at my house anymore as someone stole the two new Marine Deep Cycle batteries I had! Bastardos...

Costco, across the street,

There's a WalMart here too ... i wonder if they have a box of BB's i can accidentally drop all over their floors? Long story...
Anyway, if they do i can find out if it ok to bring my BB gun down here for target practice! I know guns are illegal, but an air rifle? shit, i sound like Paul. Speaking of, I got a great Christmas card with a Polaroid pic of him ! He sounds really good.

OK, gotta go get this done and get on down to the Casa so i can relax in the hammock in the 70 degree sun and watch the dolphins and (whales?) sport & spin & spit A dios
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