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amacker [userpic]
Dreaming of a Texas Sky . . .

4 days ago I arrived in Pilot Point, Texas, to see my Dad and Linda for Thanksgiving and their 1st anniversary. He's got 3 quarter horses, and so far I've ridden every day, and twice the first day.

Here's the horse i'm focusing on, the youngest, Timothy, who is 4 :

And here is Linda on Bullet, my Dad's 21 year old cutting horse:

He has the most noble nose.

Here's my Pa on Champ.

An old stagecoach bridge off the equestrian trail:

A handsome black saddlebred on the trail:

We also so an armadillo ... a young one, but he scuttled before i snapped him. And a wonderful man named Larry Laroux on an Arabian endurance horse. He later rescued me on the highway :P
Dad can only trail two horses at a time, and going up he'd taken Champ and Timothy and left Linda & I there while he fetched Bullet. We'd passed Ray Roberts park on the right and Dad said he was going to go down another mile to an equestrian forest on the left.
After a couple hours or more we headed back, so I asked to be left behind to ride and they told me to ride to the highway. And showed me the trail, so off Timothy and i went. When we got to the highway, i couldn't see where we could load into the trailer, so we crossed underneath in a concrete tunnel built for that purpose, and just on the other side read a sign saying "Bluetip Grass Trailhead" with an arrow. I figured we would find a place to load and unload horses just ahead, as everywhere else on the trails had been mileage signs. Well, after a while we were on some very rocky, stony trails and poor Timothy picked his way barefoot. By the time we'd cleared them, all the while thinking the trailhead was just around the corner, I'd gone a mile, and there was no way i was going back. So we just kept riding. Another 3 miles. We emerged at Ray Roberts. Now I had no idea what to do. I always ride with my phone but not this time. And Dad was clearly at Elm Fork looking for me, and no doubt a bit frantic and probably very worried ...

I rode Timothy up to the highway and took off his bridle and let him graze in his halter while we waited. A couple of trailers went by, and then one came BACK and it was Larry who told me he'd seen me and Dad was worried and waiting at Elm Fork park and he loaded my horse into his trailer and we drove down to Elm Fork. On the way - a mile or two, we talked and talked about Carl Jung and Nietzsche and Kant and Schopenhaue and had a grand old time. On the way I recognized Dad's trailer passing us. But we went ahead to Elm Fork and sure enough, Pa showed up a few minutes later. Larry asked if he could just take me to Dad's with Timothy in his trailer and drop us off & Dad, now a little pissed, naturally, said OK. So I got to spend another 10 minutes talking to Larry.

The end of the trail:


And of course, the sky...

Tunez !: Between the Trees, by the Ass Ponys

I went by the stables where you keep your horse today and thought of you. Sounds like you are having a great time!