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Head Trippin' with John

I was out drinking with John Law (who expressly asked me to tell you hello & hopes your India adventure is going well) after his documentary Head Trip - which is really good, btw. And we were watching Brazil on the wall of the club - which omig is there anything more perfect than playing the movie with that brilliant scene where De Niro / Harry Tuttle flies off Lowry's 120th floor balcony on a zip line into the night? That and its nemesis, Central Services, being so instrumental in John's life.

I got this text msg from Virginia, which of course i showed John who was standing right there and he snarfed whiskey all over the place (i am exaggerating, a bit)

V: There's a rat in the kitchen the size of Tommy Lee's dick on steroids.

me: Did you kill it all at once? or is Baby Jesus licking it?

V: A cat brought it in. On the libido table. I don't want to touch it.
[libido = typo ...maaaaybe]

Go Brando!!

quote on news just now regarding the economy and the stock market in particular: "We are a nation that paces in front of the microwave. If this takes months to work through, that's really not so bad."

In the 20 trading days of this month, the Dow Jones has either climbed or fallen by triple digits except 2.
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