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Gargamel videos - kitty yawns on command...most of the time

So, a year and a half ago, I taught my 7 year old cat, Gargamel how to yawn on command. I guess he was 5 then. Yawning on command is his stupid pet trick. Not his ONLY sto0pid pet trick. There's also Soft Paws, and Sit. mostly though, he likes to snuggle. He is the star of my project Marsupial Pockets...

Here are the videos of him yawning ... and not yawning. Because he is black black black, the only thing you can sometimes see are his eyes and his mouth opening with FANGS. And you'll see the black birthmark on the inside of his mouth.

Gargamel yawns.

Gargamel yawns...surprise.

Gargamel yawns.

Gargamel yawns.

Gargamel yawns.

Gargamel yawns.

Gargamel yawns ... twice!

Bad Kitty.

Super Kewt Kitty.

Soft Paws ... eventually
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