amacker (amacker) wrote,

Orchid you not

Orchids belong to the most diverse family of plants known to man. There are over 880 genera, 28,000 species and well over 300,000 registered cultivars currently documented.

LisaLisa came over as part of the KFJC alumni posse that had a reunion party at my house Saturday. showed me how to care of my orchids! I have Phalaenopsis ... the ones with the wide flat leaves and green tentacles crawling over the edge of the pot.

You water them once a week, or whenever the medium they are planted in is dry.
Do NOT wet the leaves! Do NOT spray them.

Once a month, you do the same type of watering, but with Orchid food.

When you cut the dead sprouts, you cut above the second flower.

and that is all ... simple, eh?

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