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Paul ... presense on the playa

Yesterday I sent Paul an emailed letter (!) that included these pix:

With these captions:
Page 1
1. Jewelz and Me and in the Photoboof on the Playa
2. Wrybread's blow-up of collage of your face made from Photoboof pix.
3. The whole pic filled the back of the Photoboof
Page 2
1. two porta-pottie notes that fell off just before the Honey Bucket trucks came by
2. a button I made- using text Wally did
3. Qat made this: in Latin, says "It was better last year."
4. Wrybread's sticker of the OBEY turned into someone you recognize
5. Wrybread and CyberSam, i think? made a patch. Ask Wry for one when you can sew it on something without stripes.
6.Mona got this from someone who dropped it off for me when i was out at some hooligan camp
7. CPT made this for the Power Tool Drag Race. It has nothing to do with you, and most things don't in real life, but this letter makes it seem as if it does, doesn't it?
Anyway, CPT bumped Safety down to 4th!
8. another button I made - using a photo Glenn took - along the bottom it says "Cuz some things are MEANT to BURN"
9. Phil and Louise's annual Civilized Explorer pin, featuring someone you recognize
Tags: burning man, paul addis
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