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No Burning Man for me :(

I will not go this year because of what they did to Paul, my friend who burned the Man early last year. They could have, and were encouraged to, fine him for $5k and sentence him to 6 months in jail, and gotten their point across ... no one else would have risked it.

But they lied and padded the receipts they presented to the Nevada judge (i was there for all the hearings, so i know this first hand) and claimed $33k in damages. The judge knocked it down to $23k, but anything over $5k makes it a felony in Nevada and Paul is sentenced to 1 - 4 years in jail there, with only 60 days served to his credit! He has been locked up since October.

I am heartbroken that i will miss the event for the first time in 10 years - but i cannot ethically support the Board Members who decided Paul's fate and handed him over to the Nevada police. Once a refuge from the corporate, greedy world - there is NO vending on the playa, only gifting, and a place where you could roam amongst 30,000 strangers with a light heart and a smile on your face, always returned, BM is now part of the corporate, greedy world, reacting in fear instead of believing in community and laughing at a really good prank that has been dreamed of and wished for the whole decade I have been attending, and they are hypocrites to say otherwise.

All of my friends (those who are going) - are sad of the rift this has made in our community. I hope the newbies have a wonderful time in the desert. The last few years, adopting a newbie (last year a couple, Lucky & Bamboo) has been my greatest source of wonder at it all, seeing them gasp and watching them emerge in that environment into something new.Whatever else it is, BM is cathartic.

I sold my two tickets weeks ago. The only way i would attend is if someone gave me a ticket that BM had given them (for working last year, or for doing art or something) but i won't even except a free ticket they paid for. And the main purpose of my attendance, besides just seeing the Art and the friends i ONLY see out there once a year, is to walk up to Larry Harvey (Hairy Larvae to me now) and kick him in the shins. For which i would be escorted out.

So it's probably best I don't go :)
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