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Grave digging done . . .

I just did a graveyard shift on KFJC (2-6 AM)

no one usually contacts me or gives me feedback on that time slot ... i like to pretend that i am talking to no one in the little room that is the Master Studio. But tonight was different. To start with, my friend Lode, who is in Belgium, had jusst emailed me that his father had died. "Even though his death was expected for over a year, the depth of the sadness and grieving has still taken me by surprise."

All i could think to do was play for Lode and his Dad — even though he might not hear it, since although he does listen from Belgium, I know he'd be running around getting funeral plans ready and stuff... but I thought of it as wafting in the ether-sphere for them.
the playlist is demarcated for his set:

But, surprisingly, he DID listen! and caught his entire set, which went on for over an hour because i got into it. And then i got email from a friend in Austin, and then from a friend in Seattle, and then a friend in SF, then another friend in Seattle.... it was suddenly different. i had folks who have never listened to my show before and it was special. On top of that, i got two calls from long-time listeners who had heard my Fractured Fairy Tales show (aired every Friday morning from 6-10 AM from 1990 - 2000) and one, in North Carolina!!! remembered a special i had done off the cuff one morning called "I Know You Know Eno" and wanted a copy of the tape! What a way to flatter a girl / squirrel...

Austin wrote:
>I'm listening. "pops" from actual records. Haven't heard that in a while.
>I'll bet kids think the broadcast is fucked up because of them.
>So, you're not playing metal, huh? Or punk?
>I talked to this kid in London yesterday. He's trying to resurrect some old school punk—they sound like a blend of the Who and Sex Pistols.
>They are motivated by a passionate hatred of Cold (Cuts) Play.

Seattle wrote:
Here, play some Gibbon from when I was a kid at Evergreen. AC + Voice, plus
an electric for violin fx etc.

And he sent me an mp3 via email and (cuz i love his music and knew it would be good) put it on right away.

Then Austin asked if i would play the song he had emailed me last week, Kills doing "Fuck The People" and i did and he said he had nveer asked for a request before, so *that* was cool.

San Francisco wrote:
>I'm awake cleaning my kitchen because couldn't sleep. And your show is
rock'n!!!! Thanks, carl (@ 4:35)

when I got home I had email from Austin:
>I thought you were good tonight.

I answered:

Thank you

i was a little embarrassed that you were listening - and then i realized that six or seven friends from Belgium, Seattle, SF, Austin and North Carolina were pretty great to have as an audience - and especially during a graveyard when i am used to no calls and no feedback whatsoever... so i calmed down and just had fun. (The North C. phone-in wasn't a friend, per se, he was a real actual longterm FAN! wow!
i know i had a following once upon a time, as the morning drive times always do, and mine as one of the longest-running probably had a significant listernship, but because of the time, almost none of my friends ever listened, including my last two boyfriends.
He has apparently listened to a show I had done over a decade ago,and wanted to know if i had a tape of it... "I Know You Know Eno" was a "Specialty" show - a show i did completely off the cuff when i walked in one morning at 5:30 AM and discovered that it was Hog Wild Week - which the Program Director could designate as a thank you to the jocks for working their asses off during the fundraiser, or just for the hell of it when morale is low. It means the jock can do anything they want ... ANYTHING. Except obscenities during SAFE HARBOR time, of course.

An example of crazy shit that worked during Hog Wild was when Dominic Trix (Wednesdays 2-5 PM followed closely by Captain Jack's Skull Time for Kids at 5 pm) wandered around the entire station for 3 hours with a microphone on a long cord and just talked about what he was seeing. He was a standup comedian before coming to KFJC and it was HYSTERICAL...

On re-reading this post i think it's more self-absorbed then I thought i was communicating about what i was feeling - which was excited about having both dear friends and fans sharing the music with me in the dead of night....God I love doing radio and playing music and learning about more music and turning people on to remarkable musicians.

OH well, I always say " A deejay is a Life-Support System for an Ego."
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