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Eclipse Comics' nemesis rises again ...

So Ron Turner (Last Gasp) and i were hanging out Sunday while i deejayed a party in SF, and he asked after Cat and then said, "You will never believe who i saw at ComicCon."

I guessed.... wrongly. So he had to tell me.

"Cat's ex husband."



"Dean Mullaney? Wow ... " I took a moment to soak it in. "Was his wife with him? The woman with a steel plate in her head with him?"

Dean Mullaney and his brother Jan started Eclipse in 1977. When Cat and Dean got together, in 1982, she, as Editor, expanded the business and moved most of the operation to Guernville and Forestville. My wonderful Fred - who went to college with me at UT Austin, started working for them and moved out to San Francisco. In the mid-1980s, a disastrous flood in Forestville wiped out much of their stock. But Jan and Dean were more responsible for the demise of Eclipse than the flood, or the economy, which the Wikipedia mentions.

Dean Mullaney had up and left Cat, his wife or partner for a decade, and took off to New York to hook up with his High School girlfriend, who had, sometime in the past, been hit by a car and had a steel plate in the front of her head.... kinda looked like a Planet of Apes lobotomy. I met her in New York briefly at the art opening for Clive Barker that tied into the publication of the book, Illustrator II: The Art of Clive Barker, for which i was Assistant Editor to my dearest Fred Burke. The book was a lot of work but also great fun, and Clive is a prince. Truly one of the nicest people I know. I felt horrible for Cat. God, what a shitty experience to have to survive.

"No, she got cancer, and died. We were memorializing some of our fallen..." he mentioned names which i wasn't familiar with and forgot, "and then he pulled the sympathy card. He stood up to speak at the podium either unconcerned or unaware that no one wanted him there and no one could figure out *why* he was there?"

Sounds like he completely embarrassed himself. Ron said Dean was living in either New York or Florida and his brother, Jan, who was probably the evil mastermind behind Eclipse's downfall to begin with. I know they fucked up the printing on the only coffee table art book I have ever been a full-fledged part of.... I even got to name a lot of Clive's art. Because when you are scanning 1200 - 2000 pieces of art - most of them 18" x 24" or larger, naming them File_0001.tif just won't help you remember which was which when it comes time to put the book together!

Ron asked what Cat was up to nowadays and told him all about the wonders of Lucky Mojo. And told him to check out the site. ( Actually she has a pretty nifty entry in Wikipedia.

ok back to the party...

The party was wonderful - but pretty chaotic - i was deejaying and also helping host a party for a BUNCH of people celebrating Michelle Burke's birthday, and it was a clothing swap and pot luck. It was fun and nuts and Ron was sweet to sit by me while i hovered over my Mac "spinning" for 9 hours. Well, he was there for about 5 of them anyway....

Oh and people thought i was doing EMAIL AT A PARTY! Some didn't realize I was deejaying until around 6pm when Mark Growden was about to play and i was going to announce it. The party was rawkous and the energy almost never died down. Mark had meant to play at 5pm but put it off for over an hour because he was waiting for folks to chill out. Not gonna happen. Unless you make it happen.

The way to make an announcement in a huge room full of people tearing through piles of clothing and squealing and talking is to play something like The Crystal Method's "Blowout", and gradually turn the music up and up and UP ... and then when they realize they can't hear themselves talking, they start looking around for who is doing that, and then you suddenly stop it cold in the middle of the song. Then they all turn and stare at you like Mercats.

I have seen Mark play over the years - I have never seen him so magnificent, haunting, funny and brilliant - and he is usually all of those things. But he has been out of the area for 4 years, and then broke his back on a bicycle that came apart while he was pelting downhill training for a race. His first shows were tentative but he is now clearly in his element and beyond.

He is clean and sober these days, and he has hit a whole new level of awesome. He is divinely gifted.

Wanna see for yourself?
Monsters of Accordion 2008

He will be SF and Oakland this weekend and then off on tour with other awesome musicians. Jason Webley is really great live !!!

Aug 16 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - 12 Galaxies (21+)
Aug 17 - OAKLAND, CA - 21 Grand
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