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sigh ... Sailor died at midnight last night

Sailor Ripley - either 21 or perhaps 18 if you go by the release of the movie for which he was named? lived with me the last 7 or so years.

He was the Sean Connery of cats.

He bad a brain tumor, we know, but last night he went to eat some food Don put down for him, and immediately started bleeding - a lot. We took him to the emergency VET. The VET took an initial look at Sailor and said there was a great deal of blood in his mouth and he couldn't see what was going on. He said he would be in surgery on a puppy and then give Sailor a sedative and take a closer look at him.

After almost 2 hours, in which the VET did surgery on a labrador, he came out and told us Sailor had to be put down, immediately. There was a visible tumor in his mouth, which would not stop bleeding, and it was the only option.

A nurse held Sailor's tongue out - it was 4 inches long! so he wouldn't choke on it, while the VET tried to find a vein. They couldn't find one in his back legs or his forelegs, and Sailor started choking on blood.

I stroked and nuzzled and petted and whispered to him the whole while, and kept the surgical lights out of his eyes. The VET finally injected him with the euthanasia drug into his heart. He was dead instantly.

I am ... still up ... working on resumé ... with hot 27 year old boy in my bath (i want to adopt him, he wants me to get in the tub, this is just WRONG !) I am soooo not a cougar these days.... After he suggested we put on bathing suits - is he cute or what? I made him understand that i treasure him as extended family and want to nurture him and watch him become the extraordinary creature he is destined to be, not fuck him senseless and watch him fade away as he gasps for breath in the harsh light of reality. No, thanks ... But Titania *does* spring to mind. And she fell for the head of an Ass. ooooh boy....

I am upset about losing the Sean Connery of Cats. I have many of his friends to tell about his passing. Eamon, who brought him to America from England originally, DJ, my ex, from whom I took him to live in the country, Michael Vav and Todd his ex-housemates, Jeanavive, Mikey, Deborah, who all walked him around the block every night.

My best friend Andrea lost her Chewy, who was with her when i met her 18 years ago ! I don't remember Chewy being young then ... just that she was polydactyl. So maybe she rivaled the Bristle Cone Pine for the longest lived entity on the planet.

I am going to create a memorial page for him at
[ OK it's up now ]

I will bury him in the front yard, where he loved to sit and watch the traffic and people go by.... he loved to sit either there or even better, in my neighbor's front yard, but i don't think digging a hole in her yard is appropriate.

[He is wrapped in antique lace and a piece of neon green fun fur from the ÜberWarehouse where he lived with DJ until i took him home 7 or 8 years ago. He will be there watching over the goings on as always.

Michelle Nance said something that touched me as being the way i would like to see Kitty Beyond... "I'm very sorry to hear of the passing of your noble beast. I'm sure he's wreaking all kinds of havoc in Kitty Heaven, as is appropriate. (Wow, imagine the intake area of kitty heaven - thousands of
tired angels going "yes, this is what they all do, show up and raise hell and then sit around looking smug")

i can see the tails twitching and the "I meant to do that" scorn on their faces....

Sailor and Beanflower and Susan and Chi Si Tomadachi are all purring ... somewhere. And Gargamel knows something is amiss and has been very clinging and loving all day. So i got my kitten for comfort and the wheel turns again.
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