November 19th, 2005

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Link Wray RIP

What a lovely man I got to hang out with he and Olive on two tours to California a few years bakc wiht the KFJC crowd ... Big Myke Destiny declaired him "dad" which Wray loved.... he was a really sweet guy. . . until he shattered the air with Rumble and shattered your heart with his version of "Heartbreak Hotel"

Link Wray passed on a few days ago...

Here is a page with an english translation I believe... well "English" is pushing it a bit i think.

"The guitarist Link Wray, considered one of the pioneers of the
American rock in the decade of the years 50 and cult figure, passed
away at the age of 76 in Copenhagen, where lived since two decades
ago, reported today the newspaper 'Politiken'.

Its powerful 'riffs' of guitar were worth him the nickname of 'the
godfather of the harmonious one of the power' and the respect of
several generations of musicians, debtors of its bequest, although
never had the recognition of other contemporaries as Gene Vincent or
Elvis Presley.

Of him told Even Townsend, guitarist of The Who, that was 'the king'
and that if was not by him never to have learned to touch the guitar,
while Johnny Cash owes him its 'look' of black leather.

Frederick Lincoln Wray was born in Dunn (Carolina north), in 1929, in
a home marked by the shortage, the strong religiousness and the
traumas of a father marked by the First World War.

After surviving to a tuberculosis, that obliged to eradicate him a
lung, Wray, of blood India American by maternal way, created a group
of country with its two brothers in order then to found the band Link
Wray and His Ray Men.

'If it could return behind in the time and only could see a band would
be Link Wray and His Ray Men', said Neil Young once.

Its leap to the fame arrived with 'Rumble' (1958), a success in the
United States despite that the theme was prohibited by some chains of
radio, that considered that incited to the violence.

Wray alternated its band with works as the guitarist of study for Fats
I Dominate, Rick Nelson or Buddy Holly, until, enough of the record
companies, decided to create his in the middle of the decade of the
sixty and to touch since its farm of Maryland, ignored by the

In 1977, had a fleeting return with the singer Robert Gordon, that led
to a brief renaissance.

In the eighties, lived to horse between United States and Denmark,
country in which was established finally after marrying a Danish.

Link Wray continued publishing some disk of sporadic form and
collaborating with some local band, and even had another brief moment
of glory when Quentin Tarantino chose various of its themes for the
movie 'Pulp Fiction'.

In 2004, it returned to the settings to carry out a tour by its native
land that harvested good criticisms.

Wray, of whom they have not done itself public neither the cause of
its death neither its date, was buried this week in the intimacy in
the Church of Christian, in the popular neighborhood of
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