April 21st, 2005

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as your lawyer i advise you to find a sexier name for IBS

My friend has finally found out what has been plaguing her painfully these past 2 months....costing her the trip to Bali we were going to make in May before both of our medical situations dcecided to commandeer our schedules.

She was just diagnosed with a torn muscle from skateboarding!!!

Yeah! i mean it sucked tht my friend was in pain - i've torn ab muscles doing crunches back in the ol' hardbody days, so i know that being unable to lift yourself out of bed for three days without excruciating agony no matter HOW it was caused is no picnic...
But i am sooo glad it's not IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome,if you can possibly imagine an unsexier diagnosis?? not only because that is such a lazy-assed catchall for "i don't know and now you don't either" ... weak!
but because with all the high-tech and gentrified medical terminology out there, shouldn't they come up with something sexier that they use SO OFTEN when they just clearly don't have a clue?

it was mentioned in my case too, before i bitchslapped him silly and then he promptly sent me in for the ultrasound that showed the mass.

How are we supposed to get all goosepimpled about stem cell research and cloning when they still have terminology like IBS and that thing that is now Lupus or Huntavirus or Acute Lack of Energy Syndrome or whatever the hell they decided to call it ??

We make such bold strides in medical science even while terms like PTSD and bi-polar are brandished about ... sometimes it seems to me to avoid actually having to deal with fixing what is clearly a problem??? but then of course you run the risk of finding out it's all because of some mouse in the San Joaquin valley ... now who'd want to have to prescribe pest control at the pharmacy? Doooood - just don't breathe when you drive past Fresno!!!! (as if Cowschwitz didn't already make that a necessity....)

try using Health and Care in the same sentence without laughing - or crying ... go ahead ... i dare you.
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