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Zap April 20th, 2005 Zoooom
amacker [userpic]

And *on* my back. well, sometimes. . . I have been eviscerated!!
One of my favorite words. Another of which is Defenestration, which is sort of what they did to remove the aforementioned evisceration.

i am also bouncing up and down my stairs and watching Carnivale (and HBO gem - my housemate bought the DVDs the first season ) and entertaining amazing beautiful people i am blessed to call friends and family. I have either been too busy or too ill to log onto my computer until now, so i am glad some of the wet cat herders kept the good news flowing in both directions!

No, it was not cancer. They had to know that while they were in there cuz it would have meant removing even MORE of what little i have left... hmmm, i wonder if they took my appendix? might as well, at this point! so Dr. Sanchez knew during the surgery it was nothing like cancer. yey!

What it was ....severe endometriosis, to the tune of a 5+ inch cyct thing with over 16oz of fluid inside that was intertwined with all of my girl-organs and probably had been like that for, oh, maybe 20 years?? maybe 10? maybe only 5? My ovaries looked useless - and it was all pretty bad in there and so a total hysterectomy was in order. But it was not cancer and not contagious and not anything i wanted to deal with anyway! W@@t! No more cramps, no more PMS, and maybe for the first time in a loooong time, i will have a better hormonal balance!

My doctor told my Dad and my brother, and Kathleen and whomever was there at the time (while i was still post-op) that i must have been pretty ill for a very long time - maybe years, maybe decades, and that it had doubtless sapped my energy levels for a long time, and the good news is that now i would be healing and finally have some real energy for a change, and i would finally stop being such a wilting lily.... i can imagine the bugged eyes soundlessly blinking at each other in the hospital as my friends imagined just what fresh hell was this bit of news.
be AFRAID... be VERY afraid !!!!

Good news too was that i got the bikini incision, not the vertical one she thought she needed to do! So eventually i will have less tummy and no major scarring. Plus she did inside sttches, glue and then surgical tape on top of THAT so there won't even be much of a scar at all.

They tried to oust me from the hospital on Saturday, but i slapped down that idea as i pointed out, as long as i was relying on their injected serums of pain killer cocktails to survive, and they had best start figuring out a portable pain-management system i could take in pill form! What a concept! They nodded at me as if it was a new concept. Silly people.

Other than that though, the hospital was a treasure! the staff were incredible ! Solicitous and generous and concerned and kind. They all acted like i was the boss and they really were there to make me better and do my bidding to the best of their ability. El Camino Hospital, in Mountain View.

In a time when all i'd heard was bitching about the health care system, this, my self- paid for Blue Cross insurance, had bought me some First Class Quality Care. And for ALOT less then the premium health care i had had with Adobe - until DJ fucked THAT up by bouncing a check to me i needed to cover Cobra. Try getting health insurance anywhere after it looks like you were booted for non-payment ...

Anyway, it has been resolved in my favor with this new cheaper better insurance. i have learned that Vicodin makes my nose run. Dilaudid is FABULOUS ! as is Demoral, UNTIL you have to kick them, or worse ... BOTH of them! then yuck-city! it's barfo-bleah-stick from there until 12 hours have passed and you have weaned yourself back to Vicodin by day and Norco by night ... mmmmm .... drugs.

It's good to manage them so they WORK for you ... and not against you.

Having spent my post-Christian Scientist life being mostly self-diagnostic, it's nice to finally have respect from the medical community for being pretty damn good at it. And also having a medical community that bothers to LISTEN to the patient. Which is how they have earned MY respect.

Oh yeah, and they put a MORPHINE allergy band on my wrist the MOMENT I was admitted! i love these people! and i suggested Dilaudid as a substitute and Dan Brown, my anaesthesiologist agreed it was the best thing and we should give it a shot ... pun intended.

come by if you can ... it's been pretty much a week-long aalon of wonderful people every evening...Benji may have strep throat so he is gonna be gone for a while ... sigh.

OK, time to take more interesting things and watch another episode of Carnivale.


: mooooof
Tunez !: Carnivale soundtrack
Zap April 20th, 2005 Zoooom