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Zap March 2nd, 2005 Zoooom
amacker [userpic]

03.30 -- Ozric Tentacles @ The Independent, SF

Oh i love them too! Two words:

trippy hippy space tunes from old schoo prog rockl brit dreadlocked trance jam band

I have a few of their CDs...they sample sounds like drips and pings into full layered groovelicious tunage! ( AFTERSWISH double CD) & the Hidden Step, is very tribal.
music is at http://www.ozrics.com/hiddenstep.html

i saw them on their first US tour - my ex-husband, Neptune, got his front tooth chipped by the opening band, Monster Magnet's lead singer's boot .... sigh ... back in the day ... heheheheh

: amused
Tunez !: China Type by Ozric Tentacles off Afterswich
Zap March 2nd, 2005 Zoooom