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2 Movies, a coupla soundtracks & KFJC SWAG!!!

The late great blind Delta-bluesman and self-taught Tuvan throat singer Paul Peña, whose awesome journey in the footsteps of Richard Feynman to Tuva to participate in the Tuvan throat singing competition was told in a remarkable documentary, Genghis Blues, passed this past Saturday from complications to various illnesses, including cancer. The movie about his journey won the Audience Award at Sundance, and was nominated for an Oscar. The Genghis Blues Soundtrack has been nominated for an American Federation of Independent Music award for best Soundtrack. I saw it 5 times in the theatre, each time dragging a new person to see it, so enrapt i was with the story.

MirrorMask, the film Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean created is out in limited release. It is exquisite, macabre, and - of course- enchanting. It is a fairy tale, after all. Goes with the territory. As many of the characters are familiar as are unique and weird - what with winged cats and a not terribly bright sphinx, puppetry reminiscent of Jan Svankmajer-whom Neil introduced me to in the first place- and its one 36-minute special effect (as Neil puts it). This completely original effect and much of the film's look weaves its visual web from Dave's pen and ink illustrations into a full-colour, 3D collage of multi-layered effects and styles and still never overwhelms the heart of the film- the story itself. Beautiful teamwork by creators, cast, and crew. Now, i must get my paws on the Soundtrack!!!

kfjc is having our annual fundraiser - there are lots of good reasons to give money to KFJC - not the least of which are the 2,500 Public Service Announcements we write and read over the air to spread the word about art, activism, and events throughout each year. Another good reason to give is the SWAG you get... check out the tshirts, live CDs, etc KFJC is kicking down to those who kick down!
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