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amacker [userpic]

When we say things like "people don't change"

it drives scientists crazy.

Because Change is literally the only constant

in all of science.

Energy, matter, it's always changing.

Morphing, merging, growing, dying.

It's the way people try not to change

that's unnatural.

The way we cling to what things were

instead of letting them be what they are.

The way we cling to old memories

instead of forming new ones.

The way we insist on believing,

despite every scientific indication

that anything in this lifetime is permanent.

Change is constant.

How we experience change:

that's up to us.

It can feel like death

Or it can feel like a second chance at life.

If we open our fingers

Loosen our grips

Go with it

It can feel like pure adrenaline.

Like at any moment

we can have another chance at life.

Like at any moment

We can be born all over again.

— Grey's Anatomy

Tunez !: "Changes" Fleetwood Mac
amacker [userpic]

Dear IMAX,

is your Marketing Team a collective Moron? You've wasted 20 minutes of my time showing me ads for IMAX - *while i'm sitting in the frakin' IMAX theatre!* are you completely daft? Also, your ads are an unmitigated and thrill-less waste of space on your oh-so-awesome screen.

Sell the space for someone who has an actual marketing department, or show more trailers ... WITHOUT the stupid and unnecessary disclaimer that this trailer is "Not in IMAX and NOT part of the IMAX experience.;" Who cares???

ps. Your start up for IMAX sound has NOTHING on THX.. I have felt at times that the THX sound startup is better than some movies I have seen.

pps. Oh... and fire your marketing department.
(My contact is amacker@gmail.com 10 years as a marketing professional, and willing to take your money - and of course spend it on a much more advantageous marketing strategy.


amacker [userpic]

And where do we go from here Which is the way that's clear

Tunez !: e
amacker [userpic]

these two always go together for me...

amacker [userpic]

From Meddle - brilliant Floyd album, and i like the song "Seamus" too, so there.

Tunez !: d
amacker [userpic]

Just watched "Sleep With Me" and loved this song. Parker Posey in the flick is so fun to watch. This song would be so fun to sing!

amacker [userpic]

nasty nasty naughty not nice...that's why we love it

Tunez !: ngo - L
amacker [userpic]

Lucinda Williams ... sweet!

amacker [userpic]


amacker [userpic]

beer and wheaties = breakfast of champions

Tunez !: er
amacker [userpic]

some of the most alright guys are still self-centered louts ... but somebody loves them

Tunez !: er -
amacker [userpic]

i think i'm on a run ... i'm seeing Todd on Thursday so revvn' up for some serious stompin' fun!

Tunez !: er - Side
amacker [userpic]

my future ex-husband... (audio raspy but the Slash story is worth it)

amacker [userpic]

I helped him play a song on THREE basses once ... my job? holding 3rd bass. does that make me I Don't Know ?

amacker [userpic]

creepy-good cover ... i love you, Fred Drake

Tunez !: s? - Joh
amacker [userpic]

actually, I'm saving for my Tardis

amacker [userpic]

a modern Morrissey?

amacker [userpic]

thanks Timmmi for breaking my brain on the Playa in 2005

amacker [userpic]

he was really wonderful at GAMH a coupla weeks ago

amacker [userpic]

So here we go... some vomiting of previous drama and then on to the good stuff (I hope!) And i am putting them onto the appropriate DATES using DATE OUT OF ORDER so that they are collated properly.

the are all tagged Heart Broken... but some are available only to my friends, for obvious reasons

Where am i ?: beanflower house
Tunez !: Getting Down, The Kills
amacker [userpic]

A FakeCrack Easter Egg
- press up,up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, Enter key, then right click, left click then press up and down and magic circles will appear. Put this as your status if it works. After you follow all the steps scroll up or down...then the circles will appear. The only way to get rid of them is to refresh the page.

- found by Joseph Pred

Where am i ?: beanflower house
Tunez !: Eggs On A Plate, Iggy Pop
amacker [userpic]

I started riding in 1983

Thrak is my 2nd Triumph Thunderbird Sport. The first, Flick, was a 98 - one of the rare 800 yellow ones brought into this country. I LOVED that bike.... when i woke up from a month-long coma after totaling myself and the bike (run off the road by a drunk driver) I was reportedly asking about my kitteh and my bike. And sobbing when i realized Flick was gone.

In May I bought Frak, (my 7th bike) a 99 ... red (bleah) and i will paint him yellow when i can scrounge $500. I have no idea what they did to the engine, there is no difference in the Triumph Tbird Sport 900cc engine from 89 - 99 (and it is the same engine as the Speed Triple) but it's so fast i have to make sure my pants have some sort of traction ! The test ride was the first time in two years I'd been on a bike again. It's bliss. But i dropped it at a standstill and broke the right footpeg, and the mirrors it came with - clip ons, SUCK so i am trying to find another left mirror. CA BMW Triumph gave me a free right mirror. And a left that doesn't fit - yet. And when switching the nifty but oh-so-Ducati single seat back to the café racer double seat, i left a couple of brackets off and need screws to put it back on (that didn't come with). that's all - it runs! i have bored out one of the footpegs from my 2nd Honda for temporary function. And then the rear lights went out and i am hopeless at electrical. For now.

I do all the work on Bike #2. Even dropped the engine from Mercy, 2nd Honda which is now just parts, into Justice (below) in 2004 by myself. Using a shop manual written in Japanese, badly translated and meant to be a reminder for mechanics who have already done it. And built with chopsticks - so i'm lucky i have small fingers ... heh

Bike #2 is my 3rd Honda Nighthawk S 700 shaft drive. This one is now an Art Bike...
Justice... a flame-throwing motorcycle dragon

she does tricks....

Motorcycles ... they're in your blood, or they aren't

Where am i ?: beanflower house
Tunez !: Motorcycle Drive By, Third Eye Blind
amacker [userpic]

it's true... so enamored have i been to FakeCrack that I have temporarily abandoned my favorite BLAB forum. Blah blah blah ... i'm back.

I have been keeping journals and writing random crap while i've spent the last 10 months rollercoastering between insanely happy in the company of my friend I met in Dec in Baja, and realizing he's "Not in Love with me, and never will be" as he declared on the Playa this year at Burning Man. Heartbroken.

But we are best friends. And want to be that. And trying to get there with him in constant company was clearly not working. So we agreed to cease and desist until I can be his friend and be in the company of his new girl (he met on the Playa) and stop pining for the fjords.

How long is THAT gonna take? Wisdom says until i find another love / lover. But I'm so damned picky and naive that *that* ain't likely to happen anytime soon. So I have emersed myself in projects (posters, my still-unfinished book, website design, motorcycle maintenance and a little bit of zen) until i get my heart straight and my head back in balance. I'm getting there. Been working on it since Burning Man. But when he stayed at my house for 2 weeks or more at a time since then, i kept falling mroe and more...

Now i have a chance to be a friend - forever! yo! unlike his girlfriends who never seem to last more than a year - if not just a few months.

Where am i ?: home
: indescribable
Tunez !: Gouge Away, The Pixies
amacker [userpic]

if they won't talk to you, refuse to see you or respond when you need a friend & now say that hanging out with you is BAD for them ... then what makes this a friendship? The pit in my stomach begs to differ... spinning again... Thank god there's GELATTO!

There's a pit in my stomach that reaches up to my heart. I feared that it would go this way right from the start. There's plenty of songs that say it better than me. When they've traded up and moved on past and leave you down on your knees

Where am i ?: beanflower house
Tunez !: Sad Songs and Waltzes, by Cake
amacker [userpic]

alas, i know the answer ...

amacker [userpic]

just a few ...off the top of my head. One-hit wonders don't count.

Hold Your Head Up - Argent

Stuck in the Middle with you- Steelers Wheel

Oh Daddy - Adrian Belew (LOVE him with Bowie, Crimson, whatever, but as a solo artist he ain't all that)

Africa - John Coltrane

Whiter Shade of Pale - Procul Harum

The Matter - Boom Bip (Timmmmi can tell you more, but Boom Bip leaves me cold... while this song broke my brain in 2005 when Timmmi played it on the Slug)
there was this one song by Al Stewart i loved, but it wasn't anything ever played on the radio

Tales Of Brave Ulysses by Cream

A Horse With No Name - America

Avenging Annie - Andy Pratt

I'm a Believer - the Monkees

Alberquerque and I Think I Love You by the Partridge Family

"Behind the Sun", Breaking the Girl, and rollercoaster by Red Hot Chilli Peppers (i am SOooo over them)

Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmm Mmmm, by Crash Test Dummies

Palace of Versailles - Al Stewart

Forever Young (not counting the covers he did - which accounted for most of his hits)
(that said, RevCo does an awesome version of "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" and after hearing Tom Waits' original Downtown Train, i could live without RS's version)

Crazy Horses - the Osmonds

500 Miles - Proclaimers (not that i've ever heard ANYTHING else they've ever done)

Don't Come Around Here No More- Tom Petty (shuddup, Bishop)

I Go Insane by Lindsey Buckingham

Live - Lightning Crashes
I wasn't impressed with the band until I saw them live at the Warfield (free tix) ... they were totally PUNK and the lead singer had his shirt off, and his glasses off and he was HOT. he looked like this:
and come to think of it, i love this song too
ok, nevermind, this should be removed from the category of Band I Hate
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_daJjRrv0A&feature=related - now they moved to überCool

um... ok, i'm even embarrassed to say who this... don't go here: really (i had only AM radio for a couple of years when i was little ... i was od-ing on Time in a Bottle and the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald... this was different)

Where am i ?: mind's ear
Tunez !: Don't Come Around Here No More, Tom Petty
amacker [userpic]

Sorry I was absent from here for so long... i fell into a serious and continuing FakeCrack addiction :) But I have decided to come back and start spewing here where it's a bit quieter. Expect drama - but hopefully this will die down from an inferno to a smolder before too long.

amacker [userpic]

Cute alcoholic bartender housemate to barter or trade (for toaster oven)

Trade: our current sexy, saucy, boozing wench who looses her keys, her purse, her dog and her panties when she gets drunk ... oh wait, it's the dog that takes her panties ...and "forgets" that she broke all the wine glasses while you were gone for 4 days. Don't worry, for your birthday, she'll buy you 4 wine glasses she bought for $12 at BevMo, which she will then systematically break over the next 3 weeks. Then she won't come home for 3 days when she falls in love with a Peruvian Bocce Champ. Then, desolate when he returns to his homeland (which actually might have been Portugal? whatever... she just LOVES that cute accent! ) she comes weeping home and promises to quit drinking and go to Meetings, but when she sobers up realizes she has a wine tasting to go to. Oh, and she had invited you 2 days ago, but now she wants to take her new BEST FRIEND - a girl she met playing pool at the neighborhood dive bar 30 minutes ago. Not your neighborhood, and it's not likely she'll ever remember which neighborhood she was in, but this girl is the funniest, most interesting friend she's had since... last week?

In return for a discounted rent, because after all she's a bartender and who knows from day to day what she'll make ... or, remember to put in her purse...provided she remembers where her purse is... she'll hook you up with $200 worth of drinks a month. But whenever you go in to her establishment, her boss gives you both the evil eye and she chickens out. So you're out $200 a month...and like an idiot you'd included bills with her rent so when she brings home the latest boyfriend...this one lasting more than 6 days! ... you are out for the utilities he consumes as well.

When you come home after a weekend out of town, she denies having a party. You find your guitar upside down in the garden, where it's been since Friday night. When you try to ask her about the broken glass outside, she doesn't know what you are talking about, but maybe it's from her birthday party you busted your ass on for her ... 6 weeks ago? Might as well be, as it's not like she ever cleaned up, and you've been doing that too, ever since. Then the maid finds the shard from the $270 hand thrown pottery bowl you got as a gift from a dear friend who died 5 years ago, under the couch. At first she denies it and then blames it on her now-ex-psycho boyfriend, who you know will never replace it.

I should mention that she has a track record of bringing home psychotic obsessive losers who refuse to leave, refuse to pay utilities, but profess profound and undying love for her at 90 decibels — at 4 a.m. ..while she's screaming at them to leave and get out of the house. But don't worry, she's dumped him. Ummm... 3 times now? The police already have him on file. Apparently he's on probation and shouldn't have been driving her car - much less "borrowing" yours when you were out of town.

Will TRADE for your ex-girlfriend, your stalker (not the one that boils bunnies), your ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend (again, no bunny boilers, or chicks who keep ice-picks under the bed), a good toaster oven, or hey, even your $10 discount coupon for Jiffy Lube.

Will BARTER for any of the above, plus kick in $250 towards her next deposit if you'll take her now.

amacker [userpic]

I didn't ride today - had stitches out of my eyelid this AM and didn't wake up from my "nap" afterwards til about now.

Yesterday, it was grey and windyt. Chrizz was really, um, "charismatic". He was scared of the trees.First time I've seen that. We rode for an hour, but he never calmed down really. I left the chin strap undone, as i put my martingale there, and his halter on the gate. My last bit of grooming and putting things away were interrupted by some loud banging, crashing, and the stampede and screaming of all the horses in the large pen.

I looked over the fence of the pen and by the trailer underneath the overhang, right near Chrizz's stall, a chestnut mare was down, on the concrete, with both back legs trapped in TWO partial fences surrounding the trailer. I can only figure she slid on the wet, poopy concrete, and slip into the fence. Every time she thrashed to get free, the horses (now all over the whole stable) started screaming and that frightened her more.

As soon as i touched her, she got off her front shoulder and lay down, flopping her head right on the ground. I petted her, gave her an apple treat, which she accepted. and then tried to figure out how to get her back legs untangled without getting kicked to shit.

I could get her top leg out but to get her bottom leg out safely, i needed to roll her onto her back. Get this - i had both legs in the air, and she wouldn't pick her forelegs up and finished the roll.
The kid who owns the Clydesdale came over to help, but was too scared to do anything. But freak her out more. So she kicked herself free and hurt her legs.

Anyway, didn't put Chrizz up properly. And didn';t ride today.

Oh yeah - and i lost my camera between the beach and the chestnut in trauma.

Drama drama drama.... sigh.

amacker [userpic]

Cory McAbee, lead singer of The Bill Nayer Show is coming out with a new film: STINGRAY SAM!

The American Astronaut, a quirky, beautiful, surreal space cowboy tale starring McAbee, shot in black and white, and featuring music by The Billy Nayer Show.This low-budget brilliance is one of my favorite underground movies.

The new film, STINGRAY SAM will be delivered to fit "screens of all sizes." In other words, they are planning a release in theaters, as well as DVD, digital and mobile. Soon. Here's another trailer:

Here's more:
Their blog can be found at http://thesmalleststar.blogspot.com

For recent reviews:
Having never seen Cory McAbee’s previous film “American Astronaut” I had no clue what to expect from his latest sci-fi non-epic “Stingray Sam”. So as I waited for the venue to open its doors, I checked out the scores so far for the Silver Scream Award, which is the Imagine Film Festival’s yearly award based on audience ratings. Guess what: “Let The Right One In” dominated the chart as expected. But to my surprise “Stingray Sam” was in second place with almost the same score!
This made me very curious to say the least, as on paper this title didn’t look like an audience pleaser.

For “Stingray Sam” is mostly shot in black & white and on a below-low budget. It’s also allegedly meant to be seen on mobile phones as a series of six ten-minute episodes, and its director Cory McAbee even gave a masterclass during the festival on how to make mobile phone movies. It also features (gasp) songs.

The version of “Stingray Sam” shown at the Imagine Film Festival had a razorsharp image and good sound, but still… this was the movie that had a good chance of dislodging Alfredson’s much-heralded vampire movie from its first place?!? In fact, it DID reach first spot (albeit for a single day only).

Now that the festival has ended, “Stingray Sam” ended in second place with an audience rating of 8.8 out of 10 which is freaking high. The reason for its success is quite simple: despite (or maybe because of) its humble origins, Cory McAbee’s film is almost insanely entertaining. When you see the audience clapping and singing along with the opening credits (which are replayed in front of every single episode) you know there is something special going on…

Space Cowboys! Bikini-clad Nightclub Dancers! Male Pregnancy Doctors!

Who is Stingray Sam you ask? Stingray Sam is a stand up guy. Actually, he’s THE stand up guy. A lover of justice with a loyalty to his profession as entertainer, Stingray Sam (played by McAbee [musician/ writer/ actor/ provocateur]) is the man you want on your side. If you’re lucky he might even write a song about ya.

But, Stingray Sam is not just a person. Lest I forget, Stingray Sam is also a film. And, as a film, STINGRAY SAM bares a close resemblance to the man. It’s cool. It’s committed to its style. It’s self-aware without being self-assured. It’s a film you want to bring your new love interest too, because it’ll show him or her that you feel comfortable having your postmodernism smothered in hilariousness. It’ll prove to this new love in your life that not only can the avant-garde disturb filmic conventions, but also be kind-hearted and sweet, subversive yet caring and generous. This is not, however, some Ice Storm or Squid and the Whale coming-of-age whinery (though I did enjoy those movies, just not the seemingly infinite rip-offs), this is the wild galactic frickin’ West. Bring your gun. Bring your dancin’ boots.

Stingray Sam (Cory McAbee, 2009)
Cory McAbee met and exceeded the high hopes I had for this new outing. Set in the same universe as his American Astronaut, McAbee plays the titular character, a lounge singer on Mars enlisted by his former partner in crime, Quasar Kid (Billy Nayer Show bandmate Crugie) to save a little girl (Willa Vy McAbee) from the clutches of the first male birth, Fredward (Joshua Taylor). Comprised of six smaller chapters, Stingray Sam is a modern serial with each section being a self-contained unit with a cliffhanger ending... and a snappy song!

Stingray Sam is yet another brilliant effort from McAbee. The only bad thing is that the soundtrack and DVD aren't yet available. I can't wait to see this movie and hear these songs again! In the meantime, the opening track, "Mars", can be heard on the Goodbye California EP.

Tunez !: Hey Boy, Hey Boy, by The Billy Nayer Show
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